One of the best things I love about my Xbox Elite Controller is the ability to remap your buttons and the option to add paddles to map to. Games like Rainbow Six Siege play better for me with the hair triggers and setting up two paddles on the bottom on each side and setting them to the right and left stick click. With this I can easily tilt left or right with a simple hit of the paddle without having to worry about wear and tear on the sticks. Well my friends, a new challenger has approached the gauntlet.

SCUF has officially revealed the new SCUF Prestige controller for Xbox One, Android devices, and PC. They are no stranger in the market. SCUF is a well-known name in the controller game. For years they have made top quality customizable products for both Xbox and PlayStation.

The SCUF Prestige offers the following:

  • Powerful lithium-ion battery that provides up to 30 hours of playtime on a full charge

  • Removable faceplate for effortless controller customization and thumbstick configuration

  • Weight of just 262 grams, making it among the lightest high-performance controllers on the market

  • High-grade, rubberized grip, delivering unprecedented non-slip comfort

  • Mechanical hair trigger fine-tuning and redesigned quick-shift trigger stop system

  • Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring wireless compatibility with both Xbox One, PC and Mobile

With all of these great features, comes a pricey cost as well. The SCUF Prestige is currently up for pre-order starting at $159.99. For more information, you can head over to the official SCUF website for more details. Check out the reveal trailer below!


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