Its going to be a bit of a slow week for sales with the Steam Summer Sale only a month from beginning, but there are still a lot of excellent sales that’d be worth taking advantage of. Especially if you’re a third person shooter fan. If you want the full list of game sales, you can find those here.
Without further adieu though, here are the best Steam sales for this week (prices in CAD).

Best deals below $10

See the source image

Conarium – $6.59
DiRT Rally – $9.09
Hitman: Absolution – $4.99
Oriental Empires – $8.24
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell – $4.24
Saints Row: The Third – $2.74
Saints Row IV – $4.24
Trine 2 – $3.29
Trine Enchanted Edition – $2.54
Watch_Dogs – $3.99
XCOM: Enemy Unknown – $8.24

Best deals at $10 or more

See the source image

HITMAN Game of The Year Edition – $20.99
HITMAN 2 – $39.99
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion – $12.87
State of Mind– $22.49
SUPERHOT – $17.49
Watch_Dogs 2 – $11.99
XCOM 2 – $19.99

The majority of these Steam deals will be ending on June 3rd, so be sure to pick them up before the deals are gone!


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