Sony Interactive Entertainment, the PlayStation division at Sony Corp, was appraently in talks with Amazon to use Amazon Web Services to use for their game streaming. However, Sony Corp partnered with Microsoft and blindsided the entire division, making their talks with Amazon now obsolite. Talks with Microsoft began last year over at Sony Corp, but SIE wasn’t included in talks.

Oddly enough, multiple people have said that higher ups at Sony had to calm down workers at SIE to basically say “Hey, don’t worry, this will not clash with next-gen plans” which I seriously doubt.

PlayStation Now, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s On-Demand game service is out now with over 750 games for $19.99/month or $9.99/year. There are no words from Sony on how this partnership will affect this service but since it uses Amazon Web Services so it will likely be moved to Azure servies.

By the way, Nintendo is reportedly working with Microsoft as well to do their very own streaming service.

Source: Bloomberg


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