Sony had a few words to say about the future of PlayStation at a company briefing.

The CEO of Sony Corp said the following about their next console;

“Dramatically increasing the graphics-rendering speed” and noted that the change “Clearly demonstrates why it makes sense to have a next-generation console.”

-Sony Corp CEO Kenichiro Yoshida

Furthermore, the company wants Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios to produce more in-house large budget titles, which they plan on doing so.

An official stated that the company views Microsoft as their main competition, with Google as the next behind them. They do not to seem to pay Nintendo any attention, mainly because that company’s demographic is viewed as much younger than PlayStation’s.

There is a massive emphasis on working with big named publishers for the next generation, there was no word on if that meant exclusives or not but this could mean beyond aggressive marketing of various titles.

According to Sony Corp, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation brand is their most important sector of the company, as they have vastly outpaced the others in annual revenue.

PlayStation 5, if that is what it will be called, is expected to launch in the Winter of 2020.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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