First announced in a video on the official Battlefield Youtube channel, the Battlefield V devs have revealed just what will be coming for chapter 4 of their release schedule titled “Defying the Odds”.

Starting on June 27th and continuing throughout the summer, this chapter of updates will introduce several new maps to the game. These maps are Provence (France) with some luscious green trees and classic French architecture, Lofoten Islands (Norway) featuring some small fishing villages and showing Operation Claymore, Marita (Greece), featuring autumn scenery and a depiction of the Battle of Greece, and Al Sudan (Sudan), a large scale map featuring large open fields and plenty of dogfight potential.

Following those maps is Operation Underground, releasing this October. This will be a new map located within a subway station featuring many tight corridors for close quarters combat.

At the end of the video, DICE tease that coming after all the above content, the game will be featuring the Pacific as its next area of war pitting the Japanese forces against the American forces. This has not been depicted in Battlefield V thus far, which should have players excited.

If you would like to find out more information regarding all of the content coming for Battlefield V, you can watch the dedicated Battlefield V live stream at the EA Play event during E3. The portion will commence at 10:30AM on June 8th here.

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