During a livestream of various Falcom employees and some people from Dengeki, it was said that the “Evolution” PS Vita versions of the Trails in the Sky trilogy, Ao no Kiseki, and Zero no Kiseki could all hit PS4! Nihon Falcom President Toshihiro Kondo says that Falcom staff are quite unhappy that previous versions of their games can’t easily be played, and that he “promises” that he will make it easier to play the series.

Falcom also said that they are reworking their engine, so somehow games will become even more gorgeous than Trails of Cold Steel IV.

We finally see the entire continent of Zemuria, FINALLY. We only ever seen the western portion, so now the eastern part will be shown next time round which mind you, this place is under a shitstorm.

On the cover of Dengeki PlayStation 677, the 2 people walking towards the word PlayStation can’t be revealed just yet, but “it’s a duo of characters who will be related to developments happening sometime later in the Kiseki series”, says Kondo.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III comes to PS4 on September 27th, while IV doesn’t have a North American release date yet. A spinoff to Trails of Cold Steel is coming, alongside the next title in the The Legend of Heroes franchise after that. Below are some screenshots, but we don’t know for which game.

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